4 Ways to Rock Your Natural Birth

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So, your crazy self decided you wanna try to rock your natural birth, huh? **Pretend I inserted a meme here that shows what society thinks, what your mom thinks, what you think, and then of course the reality. Guess what, they ALL might be just a little accurate.**  If you are already considering a natural birth, its pretty likely you might already know a bit about birth.  If not, I offer some pretty fun classes that are designed to help you including one to help you plan your birth.

Perhaps you are already all studied up or have used Google to learn everything there is to know about giving birth naturally.  If not, here are a few tips to help you rock your natural birth whether its at home, hospital, or perhaps birth in the backseat of the car.

how to Rock Your Natural Birth

1. Hire a doula

Um, yeah, this is a doula’s website so it might seem kinda silly that my number one tip is to hire a doula, but hiring a doula can increase your chances of having the birth experience you want.  Seriously, if you do nothing else, do this one, she’s professionally trained to help you with everything else that follows in this list.

2. Learn how natural birth works

Birth is actually pretty simple.  Yes, your BFF might have had a less than stellar experience that she’s told you about in excruciating detail, but that’s just it, its hers– not yours. Part of the solution for this step is to take an EVIDENCE-BASED childbirth education class.  These classes help give you information you need to make informed choices for your birth, which leads me to #3.

3. Know Your Choices

Once you know how natural birth works, you need to understand what options are available to you.  For example, you know that after birth the baby is still connected via umbilical cord to the placenta. In the movies, they show dad quickly stepping in to cut the cord as soon as baby is out.  Well, folks, that’s only one of the choices you have available (others include delayed clamping, cord blood banking, leaving it attached to naturally dry while still connected to the placenta.)  I’ve said this before, but if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.

4. Involve your partner

This one goes along with #1.  While your doula is an expert in birth, your partner is the expert in YOU.  He (or she) is the one who knows your heart, understands your deepest fears, has seen you before in good times and bad, and is the one who can connect with you better than anyone else. Having your partner become involved with birth shows him that you feel the same way. When you involve your partner, you have another set of hands, another voice to provide encouragement, and another shoulder to cry on.  Don’t underestimate how emotional having a baby is for your partner too, even though he’s not the one with the baby in his belly.

While I certainly cannot promise you that birth will be everything you hope for or expect, I do know that these four ways to rock your natural birth will get you on the right path.

How did you prepare yourself to rock your birth?  If you have more suggestions or tips, leave a comment and help another woman to rock her birth!

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