Birth Affirmations

I’ve created some free birth affirmations to share with my clients and followers.  I hope you enjoy them!  They are available, along with a bunch of other resources, in my exclusive content section. If you don’t already have a password, you can sign up to get one!

You are welcome to share, pin, tweet, etc. just don’t cut out my contact info, pretty please! If you like these, please just tell all your friends 🙂 They are formatted square so you can include them easily on Instagram as well. Yay!

free birth affirmations to download from dayspring doula #dayspringdoula

I will soon have these &  other downloads available on my free downloads page, too!  Including a free birth hypnosis birth plan, mp3 files, and more to come  soon.

more downloads

Free Birth Affirmations

free birth affirmations #dayspringdoula

free birth affirmations

fargo birth affirmations

easy birth quotes #dayspringdoula

positive birth affirmations #dayspringdoula

affirmations for birth download #dayspringdoula

i am powerful #dayspringdoula

wonderful birth #dayspringdoula

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