Birth Hypnosis 101- Natures Epidural

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I’m looking for a few mamas due in late fall/early winter to connect with me for a free birth hypnosis preview class–

Nature’s Epidural: Self-Hypnosis

Are you considering epidural anesthesia during labor and birth?  Learning self-hypnosis could give you the same benefit with none of the risks to baby.  Birth hypnosis training teaches both parents how to use the power of the mind to control the body and find new levels of comfort, calm and confidence.  This is useful even if Mom needs medication or a C-section.  It’s easy to learn, and the benefits last a lifetime. Experience a relaxing group demonstration, see a video of a birth with hypnosis and pick up a valuable coupon for Blissborn, the full training course.

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That darn swinging watch and the dude dancing around on state acting like a chicken are the bane of my existence. While stage hypnosis is all sorts of funny to watch, it gives a vastly distorted view on what birth hypnosis actually is and how it can help moms during birth (as well as many other people for other purposes!) I’ve been taking a guided meditation yoga class and many, many of the principles not only overlap but are identical. If you are knocked up and like yoga, you’re gonna flipping love this.

Birth hypnosis is:

  • Using the natural state of hypnotic focus to make birth easier, safer, and more blissful
  • Shifting from normal awareness to heightened body and mind awareness
  • Instantly triggering deep physical and mental relaxation anytime, anywhere
  • Creating natural anesthesia with the power of your mind
  • Releasing old negative ideas about what childbirth might be, and reprogramming your subconscious with wonderful new expectations
  • Perhaps most importantly, learning how to control your own body and mind so that you can create the birth experience you desire

Hypnosis is not:

  • Mind control
  • Truth serum
  • Unconsciousness
  • Amnesia
  • Deafness
  • Brainwashing

Specifically, Blissborn helps you learn about your own abilities, and helps you develop them so they’re ready for your use, instantly. Sort of like a guided meditation, your teacher is like your coach on a journey of relaxation and self-discovery.


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