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I am here to help you and your birth partner with gentle, nurturing support during pregnancy, birth and beyond. My goal is to provide moms and dads with the encouragement and support needed to be confident and have a positive birth experience.

Fargo Doula & Childbirth Comprehensive Birth Services

Are you looking for a birth professional in Fargo-Moorhead? Look no further, my comprehensive childbirth services include prepared childbirth education, prenatal support, labor support, birth photography and postpartum care. If you have any questions feel free to let me know.  I love to talk about my work!

Your Birth Experience childbirth education
Prenatal education & support
Birth Doula labor support (including utilizing birth hypnosis upon request)
Postpartum support
Birth photography

Providing guidance and education to help you feel empowered to make your own birth choices.

Clients can feel confident in my experience and education as a Fargo doula to help you have the birth experience you want and deserve. Childbirth should be a wonderful and joyous occasion that you can look back and remember positively.  Dayspring Doula also provides childbirth education in Fargo and supports clients at Sanford Birth Center, Essentia Health, and home birth. As the only certified Hypnobirthing Birth Professional in North Dakota I am trained to fully support your goals to have natural childbirth using birth hypnosis. I’m also a trained Hypnobabies Doula!

Dayspring Doula in Fargo provides a fully personalized approach to birth and parenting including… Rebozo ~  The Bradley Method ~ Lamaze ~ Hypnobirthing ~ Hypnobabies ~ Natural (medication free) birth ~ Induction ~ Planned Cesareans ~VBAC ~ Placenta Encapsulation ~ Essential Oils~ Adoption ~ Bereavement ~ Attachment Parenting ~ Breastfeeding and much more

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