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I offer a free consultation to help you identify your birth plan goals. In this consultation I will help you focus on learning what choices you have for creating a support team and childbirth education focused to achieve your best birth.

A Birth Plan with a New PERSPECTIVE

We will envision your ideal birth and create a plan on how to achieve the positive experience you want. There are endless possibilities to make Your Birth Experience special, and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Let’s discover together what’s in store for YOU.

I am the most highly trained and experienced birth hypnosis professional in the Dakotas including the only provider of Blissborn natural childbirth classes.As the only certified Hypnobirthing Birth Professional in North Dakota I am trained to fully support your goals to have natural childbirth using birth hypnosis. I’m also a trained Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula

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Dayspring Doula as your Fargo Birth Designer for boutique birth

Have you heard about the new birth designer services that our Fargo hospitals are starting to offer to have a boutique birth?  Fancy sheets and upgraded birthing suites? Yes, please! Well, get ready, because a birth doula can take your experience even further and offers so much more!  Wondering, what is a doula or what can a doula do for me?  Locally, we have a great group of birth service providers that are part of the non-profit Doulas of the Red River Valley cooperative. We are all have the experience, skills, and training to be your own personal birth designer. Not only do we help you create a wonderful birth environment, we help support your choices in birth, provide birth education, and offer support after baby arrives including placenta encapsulation services.

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