birth support during a c-section delivery

Does a woman having a scheduled C-section even need childbirth education or a doula? I would like to propose the notion that she may actually need it even more. My experience tells me that most scheduled C-sections I hear of are not first time moms. They are a “repeat” C-Section because during mom’s first birth something happened during her delivery that resulted in a cesarean. I will go even further and say of these moms, the unscheduled operative delivery was usually not under ideal circumstances for them either physically or emotionally.

do i need a doula for my repeat c-section

This leaves many women traumatized (some even with PTSD) and they are either told, just assumed, or are doctored into planning their subsequent delivery via C-section. Many, many moms had such a negative experience with their previous birth (that ended in the C-Section) that they gladly accept the choice to schedule the birth of their next child.

c-section delivery & vbac delivery

My son who was born via c-section delivery, meeting his sister, who was VBAC.

There are a number of legitimate medical reasons for a mom to NEED to schedule a C-Section. Now,  will give my biased opinion that I don’t believe most moms have a solid evidence-based reason from their provider to have major abdominal surgery (hint, simply having a previous C-Section doesn’t usually REALLY exclude you from having a natural birth later on…) Regardless of WHY one may schedule a c-section, a doula can be a valuable asset to her birth team.

  • For moms who did have a positive experience with their first birth, a doula can be there to add additional support & encouragement to help mom have another great birth.
  • For moms who plan to have a medically necessary first cesarean, childbirth education is still important to understand how the normal birth process works, what to expect during and after operative delivery, and immediate postpartum planning.
  • For moms who had a difficult delivery or unplanned belly birth delivery, a doula can help provide the additional emotional support that may be needed. Most doulas are very welcoming to assisting moms with birth processing, which basically just means taking the time to listen to your worries, concerns, or dissatisfaction. She may even have suggestions and resources available to help you feel more confident about future births.
  • For moms who hope to have a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) a doula is the birth expert who can help you navigate your options.  Your medical provider is the only one who can make recommendations for your health, but your doula can help you understand what those recommendations mean and how to negotiate them so that you are able to have a normal delivery. This doesn’t mean having a doula will result in a VBAC, but it generally will result in a mom who feels more confident and satisfied with her birth.

Did you have a doula at your c-section delivery? Send me a comment with your experience.

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