If you’re unsure of which class to take, consider Blissborn. This class is ideal for parents who:

  • Prefer a natural birth experience
  • Want dad/partner to feel involved with birth
  • Looking for comprehensive independent birth classes
  • A perfect choice for those with an interest in relaxation, guided meditation, or yoga
  • Reduce anxiety, fear of needles, & pregnancy stress

Blissborn is a childbirth education class emphasizing the power of your own mind to create a blissful birth. You already have everything you need to make it happen, and once you learn how to use it, you’ll unlock that power for yourself. These are the only classes you will need: in five classes, you’ll learn hypnosis, partner skills, anatomy, how to work through fears, pain control techniques, and much, much, more!

These classes are offered as a 5 week series in small groups of 3-4 couples.  Private classes and birth classes via Skype are also available.  Cost  includes extra materials, parent book, set of six CD’s, and tote bag to carry it all. 10-12 hours of class time


What to expect in your Blissborn course

  • A review of the last class
  • What’s happening in today’s class
  • Activities
  • Discussions
  • Hypnosis (usually everyone’s favorite part!)
  • Homework (really interesting reading and more hypnosis!)
  • Q & A time (in the live class, of course)

Each couple gets a comprehensive 234-page Blissborn Parent Manual and
six powerful practice CDs with great hypnosis sessions.

Blissborn Series = 5 Classes + All Materials


Natural Birth Fargo & Detroit Lakes

Whether you are planning a natural homebirth or will be delivering at Sanford Birth Center, Essentia Hospital, or St. Mary’s Detroit Lakes, birth hypnosis can make a positive difference in your birth experience. I offer birth classes in West Fargo to Detroit Lakes, MN and down to St. Cloud, MN. You can take my birth class online via Skype at no additional charge or request a private birth hypnosis class.

If you enjoy prenatal yoga, mindfulness, guided imagery,  or just general relaxation for birth, Blissborn is a wonderful choice.

Birth Hypnosis Information

Looking for a little more information on hypnosis during birth? Learn more here

Or check out my childbirth hypnosis FAQ

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