Dear New Mama, Everything Will Be Okay

dear new mama

Earlier this week I came across this Facebook post from one of my former Blissborn students and friend who recently had her second child. It is so real, so heartfelt, and so honest that I felt its important to share because I know many moms can relate.

Read the full post here.

She begins her post as follows:

Hey there pregnant friends or friends who will be pregnant in the future.
In case you ever feel alone or like what you’re going through isn’t normal or relatable, it is. And that’s okay.

The post goes on to tell that new moms tend to get lots of advice and feedback from experienced moms, but this is to be taken with a grain of salt because while its coming from the heart of most friends, it can sometimes create more anxiety.

Keri goes further to remind new moms:

Don’t listen to any negative things people say….. On a whole, you’ll gain more love than you can possibly imagine. Things change, but it really is for the better. It’s hard to imagine now, but it really is so good.

Many moms feel like they aren’t sure if they are “doing things right.” And many moms have a long sigh after birth.



I wasn’t sure if I liked my baby. He didn’t have a name, I didn’t know him, I didn’t know if I loved him, although I knew I would, I wasn’t sure before I met him.

The post goes on to talk about how pregnancy and birth affects marriage, as well as physical changes, and emotional trials when having a second child.

Wrapping up everything beautifully:

You are loved and beautiful and working so hard growing a tiny human inside you without a break ever. You are creating a masterpiece with everything you have to give. And that masterpiece will be perfect. And everything will be okay. Even if you can’t see it now, even if it seems far away or unreachable. It will be.

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Birth Affirmations for 2017

These beautifully made affirmation cards are newly updated for 2017 using birth affirmations influenced by my Blissborn Natural Birth students. Watercolor backgrounds are my own art.

These lovely little pocket sized (2.5×2.5″ with rounded corners) affirmation cards in a set of 10 are perfect to carry around, place as reminders on your bathroom window or car visor, give as gifts, or use to inspire yourself.

Sneak Peek of Affirmation Cards

birth affirmations hypnobirthing affirmation

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Inspired by the “love tokens” shared by Blooma Yoga on Facebook, these little affirmation cards can be used as a pick-me-up for yourself or someone you think could use a bit of encouragement.

If you are a birth professional, I do have these available at a volume discount price, please contact me for details.

Actual product may vary slightly including slight variations in included assortment of affirmations. Anticipated shipping is mid-October.



You may have already heard about the amazing births that are happening locally using deep relaxation techniques. The nurses at both Sanford and Essentia are all the chatter about the really great results students are having after taking one of my Blissborn classes.

Moms & dads are also reporting they have had a much better overall experience after working through the Your Birth Experience guide with me and creating their ideal birth vision.

Student review after conclusion of class- “I really loved the positive message I received from hypnosis each week. I left each class feeling confident and at peace with myself and my pregnancy.”

Student Blissborn review after conclusion of class- “I really loved the positive message I received from hypnosis each week. I left each class feeling confident and at peace with myself and my pregnancy.”


Here’s a quick little video that highlights a group Blissborn class. Don’t forget to click like 🙂

Student review after conclusion of class- “Took the mystery out of giving birth and replaced it with understanding.”

Student Blissborn review after conclusion of class- “Took the mystery out of giving birth and replaced it with understanding.”


However, some people are still a bit skeptical and since I’m a private educator, I do need to charge for my classes vs the “free” classes at the hospital. While these hospital sponsored classes are known to be absolutely amazing,  they are in fact limited in scope and given class sizes not always able to be fully personalized for the students attending.

 Students get to try out less traditional methods of pain relief, including a TENS unit.

Students get to try out less traditional methods of pain relief, including a TENS unit.


Whether its via consultation, Your Birth Experience, or Blissborn hypnobirthing, ALL of my classes are focused on mom & dad. Early in the class or workshop we discuss what YOUR goals and objectives are, then create an ideal birth vision, followed by the specific childbirth class that fits you best. Simple.


Check out my class descriptions here, then schedule a time to meet.  We can figure out what type of class is going to work best for you. The best part is that we can do this in person, via phone, or online. You can take classes with me from anywhere & you set the schedule.



Student review after conclusion of class- “The instructor showed a lot of knowledge and inspired confidence.”

Student Blissborn review after conclusion of class- “The instructor showed a lot of knowledge and inspired confidence.”




stuff to keep in your toddler diaper bag

When baby is little, mom’s quickly realize that they absolutely DO need something bigger than their cute clutch they used pre-pregnancy for managing all the “baby stuff”.

Usually mom is gifted a super nice diaper bag at a baby shower or goes online to find something ultra trendy. It gets filled up with pacifiers, bibs, extra onesies, napkins, scraps of paper, and who knows what else in addition to, of course, diapers.

Stuff to Pack In a Toddler Diaper Bag

To get you started here are a few things you may find to be nice additions to your diaper bag as your baby gets a bit older. Time to swap out the cutesie baby stuff for messy toddler time!

plastic grocery store bags

Whether its bits and pieces of treasures found at the park, a dirty shirt from spilling that leak-proof sippy cup, or coloring sheets from the library toddler time, plastic grocery bags will certainly come in handy.

extra shirt for mom

By default we bring along extra clothes for baby, toddlerhood isn’t any cleaner, but mama should plan to start packing a shirt for herself as well. Gone are the days when you can get away with the “I’ve got a newborn so who cares” look that is so tres chic that first half year. Plus, on the off chance that a girlfriend calls you up for coffee while you’re out running errands, you don’t want slobbery cheerio hand prints on your shirt to slow you down from accepting that offer!

small fun toy not used other times

Reserve a special, really loved toy to keep only in the diaper bag for emergencies. Then if you get delayed at the DMV or end up having that coffee date afterall, your sweetheart will be entertained for at least 15 seconds.

granola bar & cheerios

The bar is for you, mama. Get a kind you like, but if in a warm season I’d like to recommend against the chocolate coating. Get a small, sturdy lidded bowl to keep cheerios in so they don’t get crushed (fyi, these might also be for you, just depends on the day!)

hair brush & bobby pins

Have you figured out a theme yet, here? I discovered that it was also useful to include a small bottle of hairspray in the trunk just in case. Oh, and you can use the brush to spruce up your kids’ hair so they don’t look too straggly when you haul them to that coffee shop.


Buy a party package of playdoh, the little ones, and you won’t feel too bad about letting it get gross and throwing it away. I learned this tip when my kids were closer to preschool age, but go ahead and bring the playdoh in to a restaurant & let your kid play with it. Then just ball it up and leave it there to be thrown away when you leave.

What stuff do you have in YOUR toddler diaper bag? Comment below!

stuff to keep in your toddler diaper bag


Birth Your Own Way

To say I don’t care how you give birth isn’t entirely true. I care that you birth your own way.  I care that you are healthy.  I care that your baby is delivered safely.  I care that you have a positive experience based on what you choose to do in labor.

Your Birth Experience

But, its up to YOU to decide how you give birth.  Its really important to me that you know that you are aware of your choices during birth.  As a Your Birth Experience trainer, I am able to meet with you one-on-one to create a truly useful birth plan using evidence-based information.  I’ll explain what different options are available to you and help you to understand how you can make your own choices so you can have a good birth experience.  Shoot me an email at if you’d like to learn more.

If you go into birth unprepared, you are placing your dignity and the safety of your self and your baby directly in the hands of people you may have never met and who may or may not respect you and your wishes.  It could go either way. It’s a huge risk to take.

I Don’t Care How You Give Birth

Cord Clamping Info You Need to Know

When I had my babies, I had researched a bit about donating and banking cord blood, but it wasn’t an option in my area and I never looked any further.  I didn’t know anything about delaying cord clamping at all.  I’ve since learned that its a much healthier option.  Here’s a snapshot of why its important to wait to cut the cord:

delayed cord clamping

Still not sure?  Check out this TED talk!  You’ll be glad you did.


Still unclear about the vocabulary used? Here’s a nice summary.

Pain Relief Options & Epidural Alternatives

One of the biggest concerns many moms have regarding childbirth is how she will deal with pain.  Some moms are confident they will be able to “handle it” and others (myself included!) become very anxious.  An epidural is a great option for many women, however, it isn’t necessarily the **best** option for everyone nor is it always necessary.  Here’s a great infographic from that provides a little insight.

I personally would highly recommend considering Hypnobirthing as a much safer alternative. I am a trained and certified birth professional and can help guide you through the process with individual and personalized prenatal education.  I am also a certified Your Birth Experience educator and can provide you with more indepth prepared childbirth planning so you can learn what options are available to you.

Epidural Alternatives

Want to read more? Here are a couple links that might be useful.

no hatting, chatting, or patting- unless you want to

doula hat birth choices

As I make well known, I am a knitter.  I make a hat for each baby’s birth that I attend.  However, its been my policy recently NOT to suggest putting t on the baby right away.  Why is this?  Well, there’s a quote/meme “No hatting, chatting, or patting” coined from Carla Hartley that in a nutshell means its best to leave the hat off of baby, keep the room quiet except for mom and dad, and don’t be passing baby around immediately.  The latter two seem to be fairly obvious, but the first, about hats?  Whats that all about?  Well, it comes down to the idea that physiologically there is a connection made with baby through scent and leaving the baby’s head uncovered can be helpful in creating a bond (and breastfeeding.)  I’ve found a pretty good blog post about it here that includes info about the actual research, or just do a quick web search for lots more (you’ll be amazed at how hot a topic this is!)

However, when it comes down to it, its up to mom.  The woman who has just spent hours in labor, that lady, she gets to decide if a hat should be put on, if baby should be held by dad first, and if its okay to have visitors in the room chatting.  Obviously, her wishes ought to be respected either way.  One of the ways I can help you as a doula, is to make sure these wishes are being granted.  Whether you plan to have baby in no hat, hospital hat, or one I’ve made, its up to you.