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The Amazing Doula Dash Button from Dayspring Doula

Have you heard of Amazon’s new “dash button”? If not, it looks like an interesting concept. You buy this one little button thing and then you can stick it to your pantry door and when you start running low on mac & cheese you push the button and it’ll automatically add mac & cheese to be delivered.

As new parents, this could come in handy if you are running low on diapers or wipes.  Personally, rather than actually ordering it for me, I’d rather it just add it to a list of things I need. But then again, I don’t have a newborn and its been a while so maybe I’d also this convenience to get the best of me.

The Dayspring Doula Dash Button Just for New & expecting Parents

But what if you need something that isn’t available as an Amazon dash button?

fargo postpartum doula fargo

Running on empty?

If you’ve got a new baby and found yourself exhausted, anxious, or overwhelmed, a postpartum doula is just what you need to help you gain back your mojo. She can help you get a good night’s sleep, reassure & encourage you, and help you figure out how to get things done. She can even do stuff around the house for you!

Baby not here yet & already freaking out?

With a click of your mouse or tap of a finger you can connect up with your doula who can help reassure you & provide education to give you confidence. With a variety of services available before baby comes as well as help during birth itself, you won’t have any reason to freak out.

Need a birth plan?

With your free consultation you’ll be on your way to understanding why its important to create a birth plan and how to create the birth experience you really want. Be prepared for a calm, confident, fearless birth & beyond.

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