no hatting, chatting, or patting- unless you want to

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As I make well known, I am a knitter.  I make a hat for each baby’s birth that I attend.  However, its been my policy recently NOT to suggest putting t on the baby right away.  Why is this?  Well, there’s a quote/meme “No hatting, chatting, or patting” coined from Carla Hartley that in a nutshell means its best to leave the hat off of baby, keep the room quiet except for mom and dad, and don’t be passing baby around immediately.  The latter two seem to be fairly obvious, but the first, about hats?  Whats that all about?  Well, it comes down to the idea that physiologically there is a connection made with baby through scent and leaving the baby’s head uncovered can be helpful in creating a bond (and breastfeeding.)  I’ve found a pretty good blog post about it here that includes info about the actual research, or just do a quick web search for lots more (you’ll be amazed at how hot a topic this is!)

However, when it comes down to it, its up to mom.  The woman who has just spent hours in labor, that lady, she gets to decide if a hat should be put on, if baby should be held by dad first, and if its okay to have visitors in the room chatting.  Obviously, her wishes ought to be respected either way.  One of the ways I can help you as a doula, is to make sure these wishes are being granted.  Whether you plan to have baby in no hat, hospital hat, or one I’ve made, its up to you.

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