how much does birth cost

Its easy to look at numbers for the how much will a birth cost and then get a little anxious!  Fortunately for most, insurance will usually cover around 80% of the hospital related costs. However, they usually don’t pay for private childbirth education classes yet.

While many are starting to cover doula expenses, insurance companies haven’t yet made it very convenient for submitting expenses to be reimbursed and generally don’t have an easy way for doula’s to get enrolled as a provider to automatically get covered (in other words, your policy may state it covers doula costs, but your doula may not yet be setup to accept insurance coverage.)  SO, what this means for you is that some of the birth cost will come out of your pocket.

wedding cost vs birth cost

While this may sound a bit daunting, when you actually start looking at some numbers on the two most happy days of your life, well, its easy to see the difference.  Most couples will cringe but don’t really hesitate when it comes to wedding costs because having a venue, a planner, and photography is just part of what JUST HAS TO BE DONE. Yet, for birth, I’ve found that couples get pretty nervous about what they will have to pay, even though its CHEAPER and insurance might even cover part of it!

So, if you are trying to persuade your better half (I’m looking at you husbands who think hiring a doula is just too expensive) here are some numbers to consider.  These are specific to our area and are likely higher nationally than they are locally.

birth cost birth fargo #dayspringdoula

Wait a minute…

Okay, okay. I know… you’re thinking but a wedding PLANNER isn’t always a necessity.  However, in the case of a doula, well, thats a different story. They are much more important to helping you achieve the birth experience you want than you may realize.  Here’s the numbers to support that.



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