Once you decide you might be interested in hiring a doula, its important to chat with a few to ensure that your ideas of what they offer align with yours, as well as a good personality fit, and overall approach.

Trust is the biggest factor to consider.  If you feel like she is someone you can trust, someone you can depend on, and someone who can provide the level of support you need, then you’ve found a good match!

Printable Questions for the Doula Checklist

Use the following printable “How to Hire a Doula Checklist” to get down to the most important aspects of her experience, beliefs, and services. This should help guide you to selecting a doula that is right for you.

how to hire a doula

The Doula Interview Should Answer All Your Questions

I’ve also got a few other questions below you may want to ask to drill down further, but the checklist includes the key points, if your potential doula doesn’t by default in conversation cover things like fees, be sure to bring it up, but if being a doula is actually her JOB (compared to just a hobby) she will offer her pricing info upfront in a professional way to ensure you understand both your responsibilities and hers.

Same rings true for things like feelings about epidurals, it should be something that would come up in the conversation about birth philosophy, if it doesn’t then be sure to clarify that point if its important to you.

  • Why did you become a doula?
  • What is your training? Are you certified?
  • What is your philosophy about birth and supporting women and their partners through labor?
  • Tell me about your experience as a birth doula.
  • When do you try to join women in labor? Do you come to our home or meet us at the place of birth?
  • How would you work with and involve my partner?
  • How do you feel about the use of pain medication during labor?
  • Which labor-coping techniques do you think tend to be the most helpful?
  • What does your fee cover? How many visits or hours?

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