hypnobirthing & self hypnosis for relaxation

Update! 10/21/2015
I’m now a certified Blissborn Hypnosis Educator!  Not only am I fully trained to support women as a hypnobirthing doula and hypnobabies hypno doula, but I am now approved to teach classes for Blissborn.  Check out my class info here.

For the birth of my second baby I used self hypnosis Hypnobirthing (Mongan method) to help me during labor.  When I was feeling overwhelmed/anxious/afraid I would start counting down the way the method  explains to do.  I hadn’t really practiced it or worked hard to implement it in all phases of labor but I’m absolutely certain that it was what I needed as a very high-anxiety birther to keep me calm. There was no where to get hypnosis for birth education in our area at the time (Sanford now offers it in Sious Falls, SD and Alexandria, MN) so I just used the book.

Nurses would come in during a contraction and ask my doula if I was taking a nap on the birthing ball.  No, I was actually just very focused and calm because of my self-hypnosis.  I still use the technique for other high anxiety situations like when I get a filling at the dentist. I’ve also worked with my kids to learn how to focus internally when they are feeling anxious.  My daughter has a routine she is now practicing to help her with stage fright she gets when she dances at competitions.

On February 10th, I’ll attend training to become a Certified Hypnobirthing Birth Professional so I can even better help support my clients. If you’re considering an alternative to drugs during your birth or even just feel anxious and are curious about relaxation techniques, shoot me a message and we can discuss I can help support your goals.

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