informed consent questions for birth

Well, you’ve taken a class, read all of google, and have a very sturdy understanding of birth, possible interventions, and have a great plan of action. SO, what do you do if during your labor you want to deviate or your provider suggests something different?  You have the right to informed refusal as well as informed consent.

informed consent defintion

I’m sure that you would walk to the ends of the earth to ensure your baby is kept healthy and safe. So if an intervention is recommended you have the opportunity to provide your informed consent, my focus here is on the word INFORMED. You have the right to refuse, but you also have the right to allow. The objective is to ensure you understand the pro’s and con’s and are able to weigh those in your decision making process.

I’ve created some cards you can use as a reminder on what you should be asking.  The first question, “is this an emergency” should take priority, obviously.  If you have time to discuss and weigh your options, use the BRAIN acronym to assess the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, and Next steps/Do Nothing.

informed consent printable card

If you’d like, I can mail out a few of these printed cards FOR FREE for you to use (or if you’re a doula, you can give them to your clients) just shoot me a quick message with your address and I’ll get some sent out. Of course, while supplies last.


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