My Favorite Pregnancy Videos & Giving Birth Videos To Watch

giving birth natural birth video

I’ve found that recently, I tend to go and look for videos when I do a search. I want to show my clients various examples of natural birth videos and a lot of time I’m just feeling sappy and clicking along in my Facebook feed. So I’ve decided to pull together my top list of birth videos and related pregnancy video clips.  Do you have a video you’d like to share?  Leave a link in the comments!!

Pregnancy Announcement Videos

Funny Reactions to Birth Announcement

This guy & his baby mama sure do have a LOT of family and friends to tell.  And its amazing to me that they are all so suprised, meaning clearly, the first people told were able to keep it to themselves.  So fun!

Bun in the Oven (also see this follow up article)

Daddy is over the moon when he finds out his wife is pregnant.


Giving Birth Videos

Dancing Her Way Through Labor

We all have heard that walking is good to help with labor.  Moving around and letting gravity is a great way to help baby move on out. Here’s an example of a mama doing all of the above as she dances her way through labor.

Giving Birth in Car

Thinking of natural birth videos, here’s one of a baby who just couldn’t wait to meet mama.

Using Hypnosis for Natural Birth Video

This video starts out with the couple talking about their experience & then shows her actually in labor and having a waterbirth.

Just Because Birth Videos

Twins Hugging

This video of newborn babies is so sweet. Gives us an idea of what they must have been like in the womb.

Tiny Miracles NICU Nurse from Kleenex

I just really like this video of a NICU nurse meeting some of her patients once they are older.  Its pretty sappy (hence being made my Kleenex, you’ll need one!)

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