Pain Relief Options & Epidural Alternatives

One of the biggest concerns many moms have regarding childbirth is how she will deal with pain.  Some moms are confident they will be able to “handle it” and others (myself included!) become very anxious.  An epidural is a great option for many women, however, it isn’t necessarily the **best** option for everyone nor is it always necessary.  Here’s a great infographic from that provides a little insight.

I personally would highly recommend considering Hypnobirthing as a much safer alternative. I am a trained and certified birth professional and can help guide you through the process with individual and personalized prenatal education.  I am also a certified Your Birth Experience educator and can provide you with more indepth prepared childbirth planning so you can learn what options are available to you.

Epidural Alternatives

Want to read more? Here are a couple links that might be useful.

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