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“You know, life is better when you do it well.” These are some wise words said by a 9 year old, who would be gone by the following week.  This wise young man was helping his dad at work, earn extra allowance for Legos, when he was injured in an accident that would take his life.

This fall, just a few weeks after Jeremiah passed away, his mom went and used his saved allowance and bought Legos. Instead of dwelling on her sadness, she decided to turn her grief into joy for children in the hospital and foster care in our community. Do It Well, Inc was born. The goal is simple, to give children just a little something special of their very own. Something that would bring honor and tribute to JP, Legos & a Bible.

Do It Well is in a Share the Joy video contest until Dec 18 to get as many votes as possible so they can win a donation from our local shopping mall.  If you get a chance, I ask that you go out and support this organization by simply placing your vote.  You can also find out more about the organization at

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