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Thank you Brandi so much for the encouragement and support through my pregnancy and birth!!  I couldn’t be more happier with my birth experience. Things didn’t go as planned, but Brandi helped me and encouraged me to do what I felt was right which was great! ~ Samantha (baby #3)

I had an amazing birth experience when I had Penelope back in January thanks to Brandi. I can’t thank her enough for the encouragement and support before, during, and after I delivered. She is completely wonderful!  ~ Ashley (baby #1)

I cannot thank her enough for all the support she gave me and all the different exercises she introduced me to. I truly believe had I not had her as my doula, I would not have been so prepared for the labor and delivery of my daughter! If you are looking for a caring, informative, passionate doula, GET BRANDI! ~ Nicole H (baby #2)

Brandi worked very well beside my birth team. She captured beautiful birth photos without disrupting my midwife or her assistant caring for me. She was also very patient and helpful with my sometimes overwhelming friends and family who were in attendance. This was another “big deal” for me. I wanted my mom, sister and best friend there, but it was helpful to have Brandi there to thoughtfully contain and reassure them! ~ Jennifer B (baby #4)

I am so happy we had her and will never birth without a doula again!  Brandi made the whole labor and birth process better from the minute she came over (right away in very early labor).  She was reassuring, calm, helpful, and professional the entire time. I am 100% satisfied and so glad Brandi was our doula. ~ Erin B (baby #3)

I asked Brandi to photograph my home birth, and she was very excited to do so. She did a great job with the poor lighting and tight space, and captured the feel and experience of the birth perfectly.  I only wish she had been there to photograph my older 3 daughters’ births! ~ Tera C. (baby #4)

I highly recommend a doula!!! Brandi Spray was my doula and photographer when I had Lily! It was amazing having someone there that can give you the support you need and understanding behind deliveries! ~ Sheila M. (baby #5)

I love that you support all types of birth. Every birth is a miracle and every birth equally deserves support. ~ Nikki O

doula client testimonial blissborn review fargo childbirth dayspring doula fargo

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