The Birth Rehearsal

Why do a birth rehearsal? If you want to know what to expect of normal labor, and how to engage with it, then this is probably the most practical workshop that you can take.

birth rehearsal workshop


Birth rehearsals are not like other prenatal classes: they are a unique form of preparation to help prepare you for labor, whether you are having a hospital birth, a water birth or a home birth. Perfect on its own for parents who already know the basics of birth or a great addition to any other childbirth education class you have previously taken.

Your instructor, Brandi Spray, draws from her experience as a two time mom, birth doula, Hypnobirthing Certified Birth Professional and trained Hypnobabies hypno-doula for a fun and inspiring private workshop for both mom & her birth partner.


  • Optimal fetal positioning and the value of maternal posture in late pregnancy
  • Mental and emotional preparation
  • Top tips for birthing partners – physical and emotional support for the laboring woman (dad gets to be the doula!)
  • How fear affects labor
  • Breath and movement in labor for energy and pain management
  • Massage techniques for pregnancy and labor
  • Visualization and relaxation techniques to promote gentle birth


  • How can we keep calm?
  • What positions work best?
  • How will I know when I am / she is really in labor?
  • What do we need to do once we know its birthing time?


It is a relaxed, effective way to learn practical coping skills for birth. The session works best when the pregnant woman is accompanied by her partner (usually dad, sister, or close friend who will attend the birth.) The class includes a deep relaxation hypnobirthing practice that assists in the integration of the techniques taught for those interested birth hypnosis. You will also receive access to my online resource library only for Fargo Childbirth clients.

Your private session will last about 2 hours & is best suited for moms after 32 weeks. Cost is $75 per couple + $25/add’l friends & family who will be participating in the birth experience.

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