stuff to keep in your toddler diaper bag

When baby is little, mom’s quickly realize that they absolutely DO need something bigger than their cute clutch they used pre-pregnancy for managing all the “baby stuff”.

Usually mom is gifted a super nice diaper bag at a baby shower or goes online to find something ultra trendy. It gets filled up with pacifiers, bibs, extra onesies, napkins, scraps of paper, and who knows what else in addition to, of course, diapers.

Stuff to Pack In a Toddler Diaper Bag

To get you started here are a few things you may find to be nice additions to your diaper bag as your baby gets a bit older. Time to swap out the cutesie baby stuff for messy toddler time!

plastic grocery store bags

Whether its bits and pieces of treasures found at the park, a dirty shirt from spilling that leak-proof sippy cup, or coloring sheets from the library toddler time, plastic grocery bags will certainly come in handy.

extra shirt for mom

By default we bring along extra clothes for baby, toddlerhood isn’t any cleaner, but mama should plan to start packing a shirt for herself as well. Gone are the days when you can get away with the “I’ve got a newborn so who cares” look that is so tres chic that first half year. Plus, on the off chance that a girlfriend calls you up for coffee while you’re out running errands, you don’t want slobbery cheerio hand prints on your shirt to slow you down from accepting that offer!

small fun toy not used other times

Reserve a special, really loved toy to keep only in the diaper bag for emergencies. Then if you get delayed at the DMV or end up having that coffee date afterall, your sweetheart will be entertained for at least 15 seconds.

granola bar & cheerios

The bar is for you, mama. Get a kind you like, but if in a warm season I’d like to recommend against the chocolate coating. Get a small, sturdy lidded bowl to keep cheerios in so they don’t get crushed (fyi, these might also be for you, just depends on the day!)

hair brush & bobby pins

Have you figured out a theme yet, here? I discovered that it was also useful to include a small bottle of hairspray in the trunk just in case. Oh, and you can use the brush to spruce up your kids’ hair so they don’t look too straggly when you haul them to that coffee shop.


Buy a party package of playdoh, the little ones, and you won’t feel too bad about letting it get gross and throwing it away. I learned this tip when my kids were closer to preschool age, but go ahead and bring the playdoh in to a restaurant & let your kid play with it. Then just ball it up and leave it there to be thrown away when you leave.

What stuff do you have in YOUR toddler diaper bag? Comment below!

stuff to keep in your toddler diaper bag