what does a doula do

What is a doula?

birth doula

what does a doula do

If you’ve done a search on Google for “what does a doula do” you’ve certainly come across a LOT of information!  There are loads of great resources out there including on DONA (Doulas of North America) and AmericanPregnancy.org

I highly recommend that you not only consider “what is a doula” and “what does a doula do?” but also “WHY do I NEED a doula?”  At the end of the day, it comes down to better infant outcomes and higher maternal satisfaction. And really, what better reasons do you need than healthier babies and happier moms?!

As part of the doula services I offer for birth, I provide continuous care during labor and delivery. I do not replace your birth partner, mom, and especially do not replace dad. Because I have had specialized training to support women during birth combined with my experience working with a variety of moms in many situations, I can help you have a confident & dignified birth and help you to work towards the birth experience you hope to have.

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