What to Expect In Childbirth Class

what to expect in childbirth

Wondering exactly what to expect in childbirth education classes?  Depending on where you take your class you take, you may get different information.  Hospital classes tend to focus on the body processes and informing you of standard procedures during birth (see my previous post about who shouldn’t take a childbirth prep class.) Some classes are setup a a weekend boot camp style just covering the basics in a few hours while other classes spend more time on comfort techniques.

What To Expect In Childbirth Education Class

I offer two types of childbirth education classes. One focuses on identifying your birth vision, creating a plan thats right for you, then personalizing your class specifically to your needs.  This is ideal for parents who don’t know where to start, have had a previous birth, tight schedule making it hard to attend a group class, and for those who already feel like they know most of the info, but just want to be double sure.  Yep, its for basically anyone!  I can help moms prep for c-section delivery to natural birth using Your Birth Experience. Its a comprehensive curriculum that is flexible to meet your needs, not someone elses.

The other curriculum I offer is Blissborn.  I love this program, we meet five sessions (usually as a group) and cover everything you need to know about having a baby.  The focus is on using hypnosis in childbirth and beyond.  We spend a lot of time learning about how to use intense focus for relaxation, understanding the birth process, working with your partner to get him more involved, and the BIGGIE is to work on addressing your fears and anxiety around birth. This is my most highly recommended class & is not offered anywhere else in North Dakota or Minnesota. (as of the writing of this post Dec 2015)

What To Expect In A Birth Hypnosis Class

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